Football Lineup

Non-Competitive Flags


2019 SLYFA Non-Competitive Flag Team Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Kyle Gallagher

Assistant Coach: Kevin Branco

*The Flags Division of the CYFL is considered instructional, therefore there is no score or win/loss record kept for the regular season.

Competitive Flags


2019 SLYFA Competitive Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Bill Engler
Offensive Coordinator: John Fistner
Defensive Coordinator: Pat Thorton

JV Tackle


2019 SLYFA 110lb Coaching Staff 

Head Coach: Mike Presto

Offensive Coordinator: Mike Fritts 

Assistant Coaches:
Jeff Apgar

Andy Aspen

Lee Bowman 

Tim Harrison
Eli Sell 

Varsity Tackle


2019 SLYFA Varsity Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Don McHugh

Offensive Coordinator: Phil Sams

Defensive Coordinator: Don McHugh

Assistant Coaches:

Geoff Holland
Skip Johnson

Johnny Thomas
Jeff Trembler